The Advisor’s Sales Academy was designed for successful financial advisors who want to get better at selling while continuing to focus on the most important aspect of their business – client relationships and investment management. testing

The Advisor’s Sales Academy is packed with valuable, actionable and easy-to-implement tools, information and strategies to work in firms small and large. Access to Beverly Flaxington, a well-known industry expert on business building, is built in to every learning opportunity.


Webinars with Beverly Flaxington

Join well-known industry expert, Beverly Flaxington, as she discusses the skills that are essential to effectively building an advisory practice or continuing to grow an existing one. Even those firms who are seeing significant year-to-year growth will benefit, particularly those looking to train their next generation of advisors.

Presenting with Confidence

Meeting with a client one-on-one and trying to explain a complicated financial concept? Presenting to a board of an endowment or foundation about your capabilities?

The ability to present confidently and convey your ideas so important to success.

Based on decades of research.


Mastermind Growth Group

The exclusive Mastermind Growth Group was created for Financial Advisors who are doing a lot right, but who want to get better at increasing new AUM, uncovering client referrals, training their next generation of advisors to lead the firm, and generally improving their practice.

Limited spots available!

Featured Products

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The Pocket Guide to Sales for Financial Advisors

Learn valuable skills for building your advisory firm’s sales, improving customer relationships, and planning for the future with this easy-to-read, action-oriented guidebook.

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The Six Keys to Presenting with Confidence for Financial Advisors eCourse

With our online training program, advisors and their teams learn the skills to communicate more effectively and achieve their goals for every presentation.

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